Why Sedona?

Many years ago, I used to travel extensively for my job.

Eventually, I traveled through almost every state in the country, up to Canada and down in South America.

My best trip; and the one I looked forward to the most at the time was heading to Phoenix to visit one of our largest customers at the time – American Express. Their processing center was in a northern suburb of Phoenix.

On one particular visit, I was met with an announcement that AmEx forgot I was visiting and could not meet with me due to some major computer issues they experienced the night before.

The VP of their IT department asked if I had ever been to Sedona. I never heard of it. He had a relative that ran a hotel in town up there and had called her to put me up for the weekend because they had messed up my visit.

I hopped in my red Mustang convertible (the only car I rented when I traveled to Phoenix), and headed north up I17. A leisurely drive later, I reached the exit pointing me towards Sedona. A short distance up Highway 179 and through a little village called The Village of Oak Creek, I came around a bend and saw the most breathtaking view I had ever seen. I pulled off the side of the road, called home and tried the best I could to explain what I was seeing.

That was the start.

Sedona is our “go to” place for vacations. Sure, we’ve been to Mexico, Disney, and the Dominican but Sedona is always calling us home.