April, 2016

IMG_2970Back in Sedona for the month of April.

We took a little side trip to visit some friends in Corpus Christi – a most enjoyable time I must say. Life on Padre Island is a different place. The water, the beaches, the community – all pretty cool but there’s not place like Sedona!

We left Minnesota on March 25th about 4:00 am for the long drive to Denton, Tx and a well deserved nap. 14 hours in the car is long enough for my bones. Another 6+ hours on Saturday and we arrived at our friends (Jim and Kelly McFadden) home. The next five days were full of laughter, adventures, great food, great company, a little business and a lot of fun.

Left Texas for another 14 hour drive towards AZ. The vast majority of the time we spend literally driving across Texas. Man that place is big! Finally pulled into Tucson about 7:30 for a bit more r&r.

We hit a huge street festival on Friday morning in Tucson, walked about for a few hours then hit the road again for the short drive up to Sedona.

Unloaded the car at our “home” for the next month, went and removed the dead Texas bugs from our poor car and made it in time for the Grand Opening of the Gateway Cottage Wellness Center where a good friend and business colleague is one of the service providers.

Back down to the Village and into PJs for a little dinner and catching up.

All in all, a good start to a great month!