Let’s Make a List!

One week to go …

With so much going on in our world, we’ve resigned ourselves to creating lists; what do we need to buy, what do we need to do before we leave? Clean the house for the guests who will be staying here retrieving our mail, newspaper and making sure Prince Scotch the kitty has a never-ending trickle of water at his disposal.

What do I need to make sure I get done business-wise and what can I bring along to work on while I’m there. This trip will be a real test for me to see how well I can run my business both remotely and with all the eye-candy distractions around me (a.k.a. the red rock formations, golf courses, and of course the visually relaxed Tink with a screwdriver or glass of wine.

So here we are, a week out … but the week will go quickly – how do I know? I put it on the list.