Day Three – May 2012

The wind can go away now. We have never experienced wind like we have here for the past two days. Trying to enjoy a cigar with a beer in your hand is difficult when you are trying to hang on to anything possible so you don’t blow away. Poor Tink is really having a go of it.

Yesterday we started our day at the Coffee Pot Restaurant in Sedona, home of the famous 101 Omelettes. The jelly omelette looked tempting but I settled on the 2 eggs with corn beef hash and some grits on the side. The rest of the gang had omelettes – I guess they thought they had to conform somehow.

We needed to take a quick buzz through the grocery store. Quick was supposed to be the operative word because after all we are not in Sedona to grocery shop (contraray to some people’s opinion). Dropped off our numerous (and necessary) purchases then it was off to uptown where we pretended we were tourists by looking at the usual and customary future garage sale items.

Dinner at home and then it was off to the deck to take a serious stab at doing what we came here to do. Sit, drink and stare.

The wind had different plans for us however so we decided to embark on a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit. Game setup and discovered there were no dice in the place (not even the game). Thank God for the iPhone app that simulates rolling dice (thanks Brandi for the find).

Woke up this morning with good intentions on making an excellent breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and fruit. Not a frying pan big enough in this place to scramble more than one egg at a time. We made due and then decided to take off for our daily adventures.

We headed west to the hillside town of Jerome. Place was packed with people searching for that next great treasure (or future garage sale items). Couldn’t find a place to park so we headed down a dirt road towards an abandoned mine – bringing all sorts of commentary from the people in the car that were not driving. Finally found our way back into town and parked the rental. Let the walking begin. Had some lunch and again, pretended we were really interested in purchasing some future garage sale items (catching a theme here)?

Back to Sedona and a little trip to the artisan village of Tlaquepaque – a really cool place with future garage sale items for millionaires. Did a little speed walking around the place, looked at a couple shops and other assorted eye distractions, then off to one of my favorite places in Sedona – the Oak Creek Brewery for some good hand crafted beer, wings and a couple pizzas.

Back to the ranch and back to the deck. Spent the evening getting some of the days pictures uploaded onto the blog and writing this post.

Tomorrow is the Grand Canyon. If there are no more posts after this one, I fell over the edge.

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