October 2014 – Day 7

Last day here in Sedona for this time anyhow.

Yesterday’s hike to Turkey Creek (see pics) was the longest in terms of distance we’ve done out here so far. 6 miles with an elevation gain of 600 feet. To put that into perspective, our favorite hike has always been Cathedral Rock Trail which is a mere .7 miles with an elevation gain of 600 feet.

We had an opportunity to meet many new friends during our trip this time. With us spending our time this trip down n the Village of Oak Creek vs. our usual staying uptown Sedona, we discovered the people down in the Village are much more friendly and treat everyone like they are locals. Hardly anyone here is originally from here and a large percentage of the people are either from MN, WI, IA or the Midwest.

One of the couples we met moved to the Village about 3 weeks ago. He is a life coach and she is from the UK. She has a background in Social Media and is interested in setting up shop here in the Sedona area. Suffice it to say, we had plenty to talk about. She was very grateful for the advice and direction I gave and I think she will really make a go of it here.

Off to a new restaurant for dinner, Cucina Rustica Рa Mediterranean restaurant with an Italian flair. The food was incredible. In breaking with tradition, we decided not to order separate items from the menu so as to not have left-overs. Instead we decided to share an entree and settled on one of the specials of the day, the cioppino followed by an apple bread pudding for dessert. This did not disappoint!

Stopping by our new favorite hangout on the way home, PJ’s Pub (where the pub is the hub) where we of course met even more new people forging new friendships and relationships that will last a long time.

This place is starting to feel like home but for now its back to the daily life and continuing to put the plan in motion to where we can spend more than 7-10 days at at time in our HomeInSedona.