Blogging From the Airplane

Good thing airplanes don’t have rear view mirrors.

We are cruising along at 30,000 feet with Sedona in our rear view mirror. it’s a sad day.

It’s funny though how the place is like home to us. The sites, sounds and smells are all too familiar and it’s amazing how quickly it comes back to us – especially when making the trek up 179 through the Village; you come around the bend and it’s right there, there in your face – the glorious views, peace and tranquility that we will call home some day.

We spent our last evening doing what we came to do; deck dwell, have a beer or two and stare. We added one ingredient last night, searching through purchase and rental listings to see what it would take to make our dreams a reality. Turns out, it’s not that far a stretch.

So for now, it’s so long to Sedona and back to Minnesota to be with our friends and families but we will hang on to the memories of the past ten days and this site with all the words and pictures will help keep that in front of us.

Next time let’s go for a month.