Twice in one year

Almost time to head back to Sedona.

When we were back there in the spring, someone told us we needed to come back early November and see the fall colors. That decision took all of 30 seconds. Found a place that boasts an outdoor fireplace and hot tub – perfect setting for 70 degree days and 40 degree nights.

Less than a week from now, we’ll be boarding the big bird (no offense Mitt) and heading towards our place in the sun. Can’t wait.

This trip; unlike some of the others we have taken so far, will be a little different. First off, our beloved Green Bay Packers will actually be playing the AZ Cardinals on the Sunday we are out there … Second, the elections will be on Tuesday the week we are there. We’ve already voted. Quite frankly being out there for the four days before the damn thing takes place is probably a blessing – don’t have to hear any of the annoying commercials about the political crap. We do a pretty good job of shutting the TV off when we are there and this trip won’t be any different.

Let the organizing begin – getting the house together and the stuff needed to work out there for a week, will make the time go fast. Saturday can’t come soon enough for me.

Next trip could be really interesting – looking at possibly up to a month!