On Our Way Again

And we’re off.

Thanks to our nephew Zander for the lift to the airport this morning. We know it was early for you – particularly since you had to close last night. We appreciate it!

After a near strip-search at the airport (not really, but I was close to going gangsta having to take my belt off and damn near losing my shorts (yes, I am wearing shorts – heading to Arizona after all), we finally got to the gate and discovered a whole new world in terms of airport dining.

Restaurant next to the gate called Volante – some sort of upscale, trendy place that make even techo-geeks like me nervous.

Each table / seat at the bar have an iPad mounted with a credit card reader next to it. You want a drink? Order it from the iPad, food? order it from the iPad, want to play games or read the news, it’s there too. Makes me wonder if Apple shares the tips.

After one 10 oz Bloody Mary and a modest breakfast for each of us, my wallet was a measly $62 lighter. Guess someone has to pay for all those iPads.

Boarded on time and up in the air.