Day One In The Bag

So what could be better than finally getting here?

Getting to the car rental place – where we had a reservation for an SUV – something with high enough clearance that we could climb Schnebly Hill Road without ripping the bottom off a standard rental sedan. Unfortunately they were out of SUV’s and the only thing they could offer up was an upgrade to a Jeep Wrangler, 4-door with a removable soft-top. How cool.

The climb up the hill from Phoenix was uneventful, we did pause to reminisce at the spot where I met the friendly state trooper last May when we were here last.

Taking the turn off the highway, through the village and around the curve to see the amazing panoramic view of the red rocks never fails to get me, today was no different and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Still a lot of green around here but some of the trees have started turning gold – an even more amazing sight against the red rock formations.

A quick trip to the grocery store (where we finally got a rewards membership card, thus the first step in establishing our dual citizenship) for a few provisions to get things underway and back to the Casita, a very nice place – cute and cozy with amazing views, an outdoor fireplace and a hot tub.

A little deck dwelling, nice cigar, couple glasses of wine watched the sunset. Some dinner then a dip in the hot tub. The stars are amazing, you could just about swirl the milky way around with your index finger. Sat there wishing to myself how much I would love to spend much, much more time here and then it happened – a shooting star.