Day 2 – Fall 2012

The day started with a dilemma (not really) …

So we started the day trying to figure out where to go watch the Packer’s play the Cardinals and wound up at Olde Sedona – the melting pot of the NFL for the day anyhow. One side of the bar were the Packer fans, in the middle were a whopping 2 or 3 Cardinal fans, the other side of the bar we had Bears fans, Lion’s fans, towards the back of the room others were watching the Bronco’s – made for an interesting experience, booing and cheering all over the place. Good news for us – the Packer’s won.

Next on the agenda, a trip to the top of the town – up Schnebly Hill. For those that may not have heard about our first adventure (a couple years ago) up Schnebly Hill, it goes like this: We started our journey up Schnebly Hill road in our Buick Century rental car. At the end of the paved road we were met with a sign reading “passenger vehicles not recommended past this point”. I focused on the word “recommended”. They weren’t kidding! The 5 mile road ascends some 2,000 feet with ruts, rocks and holes that would challenge the best 4×4’s. The trip took us a mere 60 minutes but once at the top, the views were priceless. Several trips later, we were all giddy thinking we were going to have the same experience with some friends who travelled with us but were sad when we got there and found the road had been graded (something they do every 3-4 years). The trip up Schnebly Road then took about 10 minutes. What a disappointment.

So here we are with a Jeep 4×4 crossing our fingers that Schnebly had not been graded. This time we were not disappointed! We stopped at the trail head parking lot, took the roof off the Jeep and started the climb. Ruts, rocks and holes – just as we had remembered – this time we were hanging with the best of the Jeep tours going up and coming down.

Again, the views did not disappoint. Check out the Gallery under the Scenery section and see for yourself!

Back down bouncing and giggling all the way – finally made it back to the trail head where we covered the Jeep back up (an experience for another day).

Dinner uptown at one of our favorite Sedona restaurants – The Cowboy Club. Tink had a nicely prepared halibut and I went for the buffalo flank steak.

Back to the casita for more patio dwelling and star gazing. Tonight we were blessed with seven shooting stars. I am starting to think they are trying to tell us something.

Tomorrow a vortex hike. Pics forthcoming!